Organize Your Photos and Albums

The Photobucket Organizer tool makes it simple to create new albums, move images and videos, bulk delete, bulk tag, bulk link. You can also move entire albums. Read on!

First, make sure you are signed into Photobucket, navigate to the Library page and click Organize just above the your images. Now you're in the Organizer!

The column on the left side of your screen (Library) lists all of your albums. 

Use the "Create New Album" link to make a new album.
Give your album a snazzy name and description then set the Privacy of the new album. Choose Public, Private, or Password Protected. Choose where you want the albums to be located, make it a sub-album or leave it in the library. 

Moving Images into Albums

Select the album with media you wish to move. Click on selected images and drag them to a different album in your Library.

Have a lot of moving to do? You can use Shift-click or Ctrl-click to select multiple photos. 

Shift-click: Select a range of media. Hold shift and click the first and last images in a range. 
Ctrl-click: Choose a random selection of media. 

Prefer not to drag and drop your media? There is a second way to move your images. After you have made your selection, click the Move option on the bottom of the Organizer window. Choose your destination album from the drop down menu and select Move. 


Bulk delete media

Select either multiple or single images in the organizer and choose the delete option from the bottom of the organizer window. A message will pop-up asking you to confirm your delete. Please make sure that you have these images backed up! Once you delete them they are permanently removed from Photobucket.   

Bulk tag images 

Select either multiple or single images in the organizer and choose the tag option from the bottom of the organizer window. The Add Tags window will appear. 
Type the tag you wish to add to the images and then hit enter, or click the Add Tag button. As you apply tags they will populate in the box below. Click Save Tags to add these tags to your images. 


Bulk Linking

You can copy a list of links (URLs) to images in one fell swoop. See this article for information about bulk linking.

Moving Albums

First you'll need to leave the Organizer. Click Exit Organizer. Now, select the album that you want to move from your Library. Once you are inside the album, click the more button and select Move. This will open the move window, choose the destination for the album.



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