Photobucket Backup for Mac

With Photobucket Backup, it's easier than ever to gather all your photos for storage and sharing on Photobucket!

Getting Started

Don't have Photobucket Backup installed? Grab it here!

Once you've downloaded the install file, please follow the instructions to complete the setup process.

Login - Enter your login details for Photobucket. You can also create a new account or request a password reset with the available links.

Managing your uploads:

  • Auto Upload: With this feature you can drag n' drop folders from your computer that you want Photobucket Backup to monitor. From there Photobucket will automatically upload any content that you put in that folder to your Photobucket account.
  • Privacy: Define your privacy settings for your auto-upload folders. Check this article out here for more on Photobucket's privacy settings.
  • Manual Upload: Drag n' drop photos, videos, and folders here to manually upload them to your Photobucket account.

After you're done, you can adjust your auto-upload folders, and album privacy by clicking the Photobucket icon in your system menu and selecting Manage Uploads.




Manual Uploads

Photobucket Backup also works great if you want to upload photos manually.
To get started, click the Photobucket icon in your system menu and choose Manual Upload.

Drag-and-drop photos and folders right into the list. You can choose which album on Photobucket to upload to using the drop-down menu at the bottom.
When you're done selecting photos and folders, click Start Upload.



Report a Bug

If you find an issue with the app, please send a detailed description here. Please include the Photobucket username you used when you encountered the issue.

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