Photobucket, Facebook, and YOU!


That moment of terror when you accidentally hit ‘reply all’ in a message intended for just one person! Now all your friends know about your embarrassingly obsessive collection of handsome vampires!

In a similar vein, we here at Photobucket get a lot of red-faced inquiries asking, “Why are my photos being automatically uploading to Facebook? I didn’t give you permission to do this - I’m so embarrassed!”



Well, we don’t want you to be embarrassed and we certainly don’t want people to know about your private handsome vampire collection! Let’s quickly go over changing Photobucket's permissions, as well as a last-resort option of disconnecting from Facebook altogether.

The Confusion with Permissions

When you agree to connect to Facebook (article on connecting to Facebook here), there's a pop-up stating that Photobucket has permission to post to your Facebook. It's kind of hard to see, but you are given the chance to disallow Photobucket from automatically uploading media to your Facebook. Here’s how:

When you encounter the pop-up when connecting to Facebook, instead of clicking 'Allow', you can click the ‘X’ to not allow Photobucket permission to post on Facebook - then click the ‘Skip’ button.



If you missed that part when connecting to Facebook, DON'T WORRY! You can still easily change that permission under your user settings. Once you sign into your Photobucket account, navigate to your user settings. Under your user settings, select the ‘Apps’ tab, then uncheck the box that states “Include my photo uploads and Stories activity on my Facebook Timeline.


Disconnecting Photobucket from Facebook

If you have decided that you absolutely cannot risk anymore accidental handsome vampire uploads, you do have the option to totally disconnect Photobucket from Facebook. To do so, head back to the 'Apps' tab on the user settings page and click ‘Disconnect’, next to the Facebook icon. Simple as that!


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