Getting Started with Photobucket

Welcome to Photobucket! 

To help you get the most out of your Photobucket, here are some quick instructions to get you started.


1. Upload photos to your account. See which option below works best for you:

    • Upload through the browser: Easily drag and drop files from your computer into the browser to instantly upload to your account. You also have the option to browse through your files.  
    • Mobile (Android, iPhone,): You also have the option to upload directly from a mobile device with one of our user-friendly mobile apps
    • Email or MMS: This is a great way to upload without being directly connected to your account. Just attach the image, send it to the correct address and the image will be uploaded automatically to your account. 
    • Import your Facebook albums: Have a Facebook account? You can import your Facebook albums directly to your account in one easy move.

2.  Once you have the media uploaded, you need a place to put it!

  • Creating Albums is a great way to separate memories and organize your photos. All of these albums will live in your Library which makes it easy to locate your stored photos. There are three spots where you can create an album: during upload, from the albums page, or from the header.
  • Adding Tags to your photos makes it simple for others to bring them up during a search.
  • We also have a great Organizer (upper right corner of the album/library) tool that helps you view the photos the way you want them to be seen
  • Editing your photos gives them a personal flair. We have a great editor on the site, Pixlr. Play around with it to learn all of the functions, it's fun!

3. Now it's time to share your images!

  • Sharing your photos with friends and family takes little effort.
  • You can use our link codes to easily add images to your blog or forum. You can also send a direct link to your album for easy one-click access.
  • Sharing on different sites or social media can be done in a snap using the share buttons.
  • Set Privacy Settings in your account and for your albums, making it easy to hide photos you'd like to keep private or show the photos you wish to share with friends and family. Privacy settings for your account and albums can be changed from one location in your User Settings, or you can adjust each album individually.
  • Need to find friends to share photos with? Use our Find Friends tool to hook up your Gmail/Yahoo contacts, Facebook friends and Twitter followers. From there you can find friends who already have a Photobucket account, and those that need to be invited so they can join in the fun!







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