Tagging Photos

A tag is like a keyword that allows Photobucket users to find your photos by searching the site. Tags can be a single or word or a short phrase. 

Ready to get started?

  • Log into your Photobucket account.
  • Navigate to the photo that you want to tag.
  • Click the thumbnail. The full-size view displays.
  • Click the image tags box located below the image on the left.  
  • Type in your tag and click "Add tag".

A few restrictions on tags:  

  • You can only add tags to photos, not videos.
  • Photos can only have up to 20 tags each.
  • Your account can only have 3500 total tags in it. If you exceed (or have already exceeded) the limit, you cannot save more tags and will have to remove tags before you can add more.
  • Tags cannot contain HTML links or coding of any kind.


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