Adding Photos, Videos and Text to a Story

Hey Storyteller, congrats on starting your story! It's looking good so far, but you may want to add more media. While you're at it, add some text to make the story more meaningful and memorable. 

"Sounds great, but how do I add more images and text?" 
I'm glad you asked!

1) Adding images and videos from your albums

To pick and choose media from your albums, click 'add photo' from the menu on the bottom of your Story. Don't see the menu? Click the little black tab at the bottom of the page to reveal the options menu. 


The add media menu pops up. Let's look it over from top to bottom. 
First, select which album you want to grab media from by clicking the button up top, you can pull images and videos from multiple albums. 
Next, hover your cursor over the media thumbnail and click to add it to the selection box below. 
Last,  choose Add to update your story with your new media. 

That's it! You will be brought back to your Story where you can edit the layout to look slick and polished.  



Now that you have added media, it is time to actually tell your Story! The text editor is great for creating dynamic and engaging narration. 
Type your text in the box, choose the best font color and stye for your Story, then pick your favorite text box style! Click Save to apply the changes. 



And just like that you have made a Story that would make Ansel Adams and Oscar Wilde envious! 
Congrats, for you are a master raconteuse!   

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