Abuse & Account Security

Photobucket's terms of use are always available at Here are some common abuse and security scenarios.


My Account was banned

The Photobucket Terms of Use apply to all accounts. Any media that violates the Terms of Use will be removed, and the offending account may be terminated without warning and without any chance of recovering any media in that account. After Photobucket bans an account, it is terminated, and all access to the content is gone.


Someone is using an image I own without my permission

Photobucket’s policy is based on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA). The Photobucket Inc. Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy contains instructions for getting your image removed. These instructions are also at the end of the Terms of Use.


I found some bad content that violates Photobucket's Terms of Use

Send an email to Make sure the subject is abuse, and include the URL of the content in the body of the email.


I think I've been hacked! My pictures are gone!

Take a deep breath and don't panic! Log in to Photobucket and change your password immediately. We also recommend you change your registered email address. Your email account may have been compromised as well!

Note: We are very sorry, but images that are lost cannot be restored.


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