Uploading With Photobucket

There are a number of ways to upload images from your computer into your Photobucket account. Once signed into your account, click the Upload button at the top of the page. 



Notice the four options running across the top of the screen:

    • Computer - The most common upload method! Choose your destination album and let it roll!
    • URL - Enter link codes for images hosted on another site. The image will be uploaded to your account.
    • *Remember* - you can now upload directly to your currently viewed album, click here to find out how.

When you are uploading from your computer, you can drag and drop images and folders, or you can click the "Choose photos & videos" to browse to images located on your computer.

Drag and Drop

In the upper left corner of the dotted upload box you can choose your destination album, and your preferred privacy setting. 

Once you've selected your destination album, click, drag, and drop images anywhere on the upload screen. Notice that the text changes to "Drag photos and videos here," indicating it's ready for you to drop those images and get uploading!



You can monitor upload progress and add image titles! You can also drag and drop or select more files, and it won't interrupt your current upload!





Please note that in an effort to streamline our focus on the best photo experience, we have discontinued support for video uploads. However, you can still view your videos in your account even though this feature is no longer available.

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