Your Mobile Uploads Album

When you have Auto-Backup enabled in the Photobucket app settings, your images are automatically uploaded to the album titled Mobile Uploads.

If this is the first time you've enabled Auto-Backup in the app settings, the Mobile Uploads album is automatically created in your account. This is the album where your images will be uploaded.


Where are the dated sub-albums under my Mobile Uploads folder?

The old version of our Photobucket app automatically created dated sub-albums when you uploaded images to your account. On the new version of the Photobucket app, these dated sub-albums have been removed.

Not to worry! Your images that were uploaded to these albums were moved to your main Mobile Uploads folder. If you created your own sub-albums under the Mobile Uploads folder, these albums were not affected by the change. You will still see them under Mobile Uploads.

For information on how to upload using the Photobucket Mobile App, click here.

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