Import Your Facebook Albums to Photobucket

Photobucket allows you to  effortlessly import all of your Facebook albums directly into your account. 

Here's how: To get started, log in to your Photobucket account, click the Upload Button at the top of the page, then click the ‘Add Photos’ button in the Add from Facebook section of the upload page, or click the ‘Add from Facebook’ tab on the top left corner of the uploader.


If you haven't already linked your Facebook account, enter your Facebook login when prompted.



'Select all' is chosen by default. Alternatively, you can pick and choose what you want to upload by clicking 'Unselect all' and then checking the ‘Select’ box under individual albums.

When You are ready to import, click the ‘Add from Facebook’ button on the right. 


That's that! Click Continue to Home on the Pop-up to browse Photobucket while you wait.
We'll send you an email when your import is complete. Don't forget to come back when you have new photos and albums on Facebook!


  • The first time you import your Facebook albums, an album called Facebook appears in your Photobucket account. This album's privacy setting will be the same as your default album privacy setting. Each Facebook album will become a sub-album inside this album.
  • Albums transferred from Facebook will have the same privacy setting as they do on Facebook. If you change the privacy setting on Facebook after you've transferred your albums, the change will not be reflected on Photobucket.
  • Your Mobile Photos and Wall Photos albums will default to private on Photobucket.  

Album Titles

Since Facebook and Photobucket have different guidelines regarding album titles, you may notice that the title of your Facebook album does not always transfer exactly. Special characters like @ ' ~ $ # % , . / \ ( ) [ ] + = and non-English characters will be dropped from your album title in Photobucket. Your album title in Facebook will be unaffected. See for more on album titles.

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