Additional Privacy Options for Users - Scramble Photo and Video File Names

In addition to your account privacy and album privacy settings, Photobucket can scramble filename characters to all of your photo and video file names. 


Q: What does this do to my photo file name?

A: Every photo (and video) has a file name. For example, a photo has a default file name that’s provided by the camera; e.g. IMG1939.JPG. When you upload and have the Scramble Filename feature turned on, Photobucket adds a scrambled mix of letters and numbers to the end of the photo file name so that it can’t be easily guessed.


Q: How does scrambling the file name help my privacy?

A: Default photo file names generally follow a consistent format; e.g. IMG1939.JPG, IMG1940.JPG, IMG1941.JPG. Let’s say you have a Private album with a group of photos that contain the default photo file names. You decide to share the link to one of the photos in that Private album. It could be possible for someone to guess the link to other photos in that Private album since the files have a similar format. If they guess the exact link, they can see that photo even though you never shared the link with them. By adding the scramble characters the file name, there is not an easy way to guess what the links could be for other photos in the album.

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