Troubleshooting Upload Problems

For information on how to upload, please visit our upload article here. 

Supported File Types

Let's make sure that the file you're trying to upload is supported on Photobucket. Please take a look at this article in order to confirm whether or not your file type is supported. Common unsupported files include .pdf, .tif, .tiff, .swf, and .raw file types


"Hmmm...something didn't click" or stuck on the upload screen

There are a number of reasons why you may see this message when trying to upload an image.

  • Confirm that your file type is supported on
  • Confirm that this isn't an issue with your internet service provider, router, or modem.
  • Make sure your destination upload album has the capacity for the number of images you're trying to upload - every album has a limit of 2,500 images/videos. If your album is at capacity, you will not be able to upload anymore photos until space is made in that album (by moving or deleting media).
  • Ensure that your operating system and/or browser is supported and up to date, this article lists out all supported OS and browsers. For you Internet Explorer and Firefox users, that last bit is important. Please make sure your browser is up to date.
  • Some adblockers may incorrectly identify our uploader as malicious or spam. Try disabling your adblocker, whether stand-alone or an extension of your browser, and try again.
  • If trying to upload an animated .gif, note that the size limit is 5MB.
  • Ensure that your Java and Flash are up to date.
  • AVG antivirus/adblocker has been known to conflict with our site. If  you have AVG installed, please disable it and try again.
  • Try uploading from a different browser or computer to confirm that the problem isn't isolated to your computer.


When All Else Fails

If you find that, after checking the above steps, you still cannot manage to upload your file(s), please contact us at with the following information:

  • Your OS and version, your browser and version
  • A brief but detailed description of your issue
  • Any helpful screenshots, if needed
  • Provide an attachment of the file that you cannot upload
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