Change Your Privacy Settings

To change your privacy settings:

Log into your Photobucket account.

Hover your mouse over the circular avatar in between the Search bar and the orange Cart button.  Select “Settings” from the drop down menu.  Your Account Settings display.

Click the Privacy tab to adjust content and album privacy settings.


Allow others to follow me: this will allow/disallow users from following your account.

Content Privacy

Allow others to copy, download and/or print my photos & videos: if this option is not checked, these options will not be available for others when viewing your account.

Show where my photos were taken: if this option is checked, a link to Google maps displays in the Photo info panel in the full-size view for your images (only if your camera provides GPS data upon upload).  

When I upload, permanently remove information about where my photos were taken: this option strips any location data from your photos as you upload them. Any uploads that occur after you make this selection will never show location data, even if you choose "Show where my photos were taken" in the previous step.


File Name Scrambling

You can increase account security and privacy by scrambling the filenames of your contents. This makes the links harder to guess and can be added for both future and past uploaded filenames. 

Please note: scrambling your file names will break ALL the links.  If these images are linked out, they will NOT display on those linked websites.


Album Privacy

You can set all your albums to the same privacy level including:

Please note that this does not apply to the album, “Your Bucket”.  


Make sure to save all of your changes!

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