Change your Password

To change your Photobucket account password, visit your Personal Settings page. Or...

  1. Log-in to Photobucket
  2. Click your username in the upper-right corner of the page and choose Settings
  3. Click the Change Password link under the Password field.
  4. Enter your Current Password, your New Password, and a confirmation of your new password. Your password should be between 6-11 characters in length, should use both letters and numbers, and cannot start with a zero (0). The more complex your password is, the more secure it will be!
  5. Click Save. If you do not click Save, your changes are discarded.

To protect the security of your account and to prevent others from accessing and potentially compromising your content, never give your password to anyone. Content that is removed from your account by anyone other than Photobucket cannot be restored. We recommend that you maintain backup files of everything you upload to Photobucket on your personal computer. Photobucket only removes content that violates our Terms of Use. If you have forgotten your account password and need to request a new one, please visit If you do not have access to the email address you used to create your account, please visit our Account Recovery article.

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