Change Your Album Settings

You can change your album sort order, link, and upload preferences on the Album Settings page.

Click here to visit your Album Settings

Or click on your username in the upper-right corner, select Settings, and then click on the Albums tab.

Thumbnail Settings

  • Sort order for new albums: Decide what kind of sort order you'd like for your new albums. This order doesn't apply to your existing albums.
  • Sort all existing albums this way: Select this option to apply the sort order to all albums. 

Image Rotation

Automatically rotate my images when I upload: Select this option if you want Photobucket to rotate your images. Most cameras record the orientation of the photos they take. Photobucket uses the recorded data which is sent with the upload to determine if images need rotation.

LinksSelect the link types that you want to show with each thumbnail. These include Email & IM, Direct link, HTML, HTML thumbnail, IMG, and IMG Thumbnail

  • Easy linking mode: Display your selected link codes below images for quick access. More details.
  • Link back to album: Select this option to define the behavior of your photos and videos that are linked on other sites. 

Upload Options 

How do I Customize Upload Options?

Album Privacy Settings

How do I change my Privacy Settings?

Don't forget to click Save!


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