Connecting Photobucket to Facebook

Connecting to Facebook through Photobucket allows you to easily log into Photobucket through your Facebook account by just clicking the Facebook 'sign in' button on our homepage. In addition, it provides your Facebook friends with your most recent uploads by automatically posting them to your Facebook timeline.

Connecting Photobucket to Facebook

OPTION 1 - Creating a new Photobucket account with Facebook

If you don’t have an account with Photobucket, from the main Photobucket page, click the Facebook ‘sign in’ button.



This will begin the process of registering you for a new account with Photobucket. Your Photobucket account and your Facebook account will automatically be connected once you finish this process.


OPTION 2 - Connecting an existing Photobucket Account to Facebook

If you already have a Photobucket account, navigate to your user settings. Under your user settings, select the ‘Apps’ tab - you’ll see a few options. Click ‘Connect’ next to the Facebook icon.


You’ll be prompted with a screen letting you know that you’re about to add the Photobucket app to Facebook (connecting Photobucket with Facebook).


Click ‘Allow’ to allow the PB app permission to post to your FB.



OPTION 3 - Connecting to Facebook via your Photobucket app 

You can also connect to Facebook through your mobile Photobucket app (Photobucket or Snapbucket) under the user settings.



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