This Person Moved or Deleted This Image

This happens when a photo is not found on the Photobucket website at the location the linking code indicates. 

The code gives a URL (web address) containing the location and filename of a photo on our servers. If there isn't a file in that exact spot with that exact filename on the Photobucket website, the photo will not be found, and this image will be shown in its place:


Fixing the link can be easy, but the photo you want to link in your account or is it in someone else's?

If it's Yours:

  1. Change the link code on the destination page to reflect the current location of the photo.  Find the photo in your account, then re-copy the code and replace the code currently on the website, or:
  2. Change the location of the photo in your Photobucket account to match the URL posted on the other site. If you moved the photo to a different album, changed the name of the album it's in, or renamed the photo itself after you posted the link, move or rename the photo or album back to the way it was when you originally posted the link.
  3. If you are unsure whether the URL on the page matches the URL of the photo in Photobucket, here's how to find out. Right click on "This Image or Video Has Been Moved or Deleted" and view image info (In Firefox and Safari this is "View Image Info", in Internet Explorer this is "Properties", and Chrome this is "Inspect Element.")   Doing this will show you the URL of the photo. By looking here, you can see where the photo should be, in this format: ""  The red-highlighted username, sub-album, and filename elements are what's important here, and will show you where and what the website is looking for. Your account needs to have media matching that filename and location for the image to show properly. If you place a photo in the correct album, and then give it the same filename the code indicates, the photo will appear.

If it's Someone Else's:

  1. If the code is not linking to a photo in your account, you can remove the link on the website. If the photo was linked from a public account you can visit that account and try to find the photo so you can get the proper code. If it was in a private account, you're out of luck!

Remember: If you delete a photo from your account, change its filename (scramble filenames), change its location in your account, or change the name or location of its album or any parent albums, the link will break!

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