Create and Share Slideshows

The slideshow function provides a great way for friends and family to view your images (and videos) by automatically compiling the content in your album into one great looking slideshow!


Viewing Your Slideshow

To quickly see the slideshow of the current album you have selected, simply click on the slideshow icon at the top of the page.

Organizing Your Slideshow

Your slideshow displays the images the same way they are sorted in the album.  You have many options to sort your images, including sort manually!  

Please see this article for more information on how to sort your images:


Sharing Your Slideshow

You can share your slideshow via social networks, email, and direct links.

The simplest way to share your slideshow is by selecting the Slideshow direct link under “Share Links” on the right side of the page when viewing the album. 

When viewing your slideshow, you can also click on “Share” in the top right hand corner.  Then you can choose to share via Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter or via Email to your contacts.  You will also see your Slideshow Links.  Use Email & IM and Slideshow links to share with friends and family.   

Embed Your Slideshow

Use the HTML Embed link and Flash Embed link to embed your slideshow on a webpage like a blog or a forum. Click the preferred link.  It will turn yellow and say “Copied”.


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