How do I delete my images and albums?

Whether you want to delete a single image, video, or an entire album, deleting in Photobucket is easy!  


Delete an album

From your Library, select the album that you want to delete. On the right side of the page, under the “Album Actions” section, you will see an option to “Delete Album”. Please be careful; any sub-albums nested under the main album will also be deleted.

Please note: Your default album ("Your Bucket") cannot be deleted.

Delete a single image

Hover over the thumbnail of the image you wish to delete and click on the hamburger icon to expose your options.  Select “Delete” from the menu and confirm the action.

Deleting Multiple Images

Select the images you wish to delete by clicking on the check mark in the bottom right hand corner of the thumbnail.  At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see a toolbar appear.  Click on “Delete” in the toolbar and confirm your selections.

Please note: Deleted media cannot be recovered.  Please be careful what you delete!

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