Sorting and Rearranging Images

By default, your albums are sorted by Newest First.  Oldest First and Newest First sort orders are automatically determined by the Date/Time taken of the uploaded photo.  This information can be found in the EXIF “Date Taken” metadata within each photo.  These sort orders allow easy viewing of your images in chronological order based on when they were taken. Date taken is NOT the same as the date the images were uploaded into your account.  Photobucket does not offer an option to sort by upload date, but you have some different options for sort order.

To change the sort order of an album:

In your Library, you can select and set your sort order for each album using a simple dropdown menu.  Select the album you wish to change the sort order.  At the top left of the images in that album, you will see “Order by:” Select the drop down menu and choose the sort order option you prefer.



To change the sort order for all of your albums

In Settings on the Albums tab, you can select the drop down option to sort your default media order. This is the default setting for all new albums. You can overwrite this on an album-by-album basis or you can check the box underneath to “Sort all existing albums the same way”.

I can't find the last few images I've uploaded to my album. Where did they go?

Newly uploaded images that were taken long ago may be sorted to the end or middle of the album based on the image’s EXIF data.  If you upload a photo that was taken days/months/years ago, it will be sorted within your album and can be found by images taken around the same date.


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