Create an Album

1) To create an album click the Create Album link in the left album pane from any album view.

2) The Create New Album will pop up, add your title (please review the Naming Tips below) and add your description.

3) Adjust your privacy setting on this menu, click "edit" next to Public and choose your setting. If you would like to add this new album under an existing album, just select it from the drop down menu. 

Naming Tips:

  • Album names must be between 2 and 50 alphanumeric characters. Photobucket recommends that you keep album names as short as possible, because some sites limit the length of URLs. By keeping the names short, you ensure your images will work on all sites.

  • The following characters are allowed:

  • Upper or lowercase a-z

  • Numbers 0-9

  • Spaces (as long as it does not start the album name)

  • Special characters, such as @ ' ~ $ # % , . / \ ( ) [ ] + = are not allowed.

  • Avoid using the word "banner" in your album names because some browser and firewall security settings will prevent this album from being visible.



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