Linking your images to eBay

Before we go over the steps to link photos from your Photobucket account, to your eBay auction, we wanted to fill you in on some features that will make your linking even easier:

Easy Linking Mode - Enabling Easy Linking Mode for your account will display your link codes below the thumbnails in your album view, zoom those thumbnails out to display the entire image, and will display the filename below the image thumbnail.

Bulk Actions - Linking, Moving and Deleting images in bulk.

Linking of Original size images - This will allow you to link out your larger hi-res photos to your eBay page and auctions.

Right click copy - right clicking images to copy the URL (this is the direct link code for the image)

Drag and Drop Linking- The ability to drag an image to another page (your eBay auction or eBay page), and have the image display instantly without submitting code

Custom sort order for albums on Photobucket - The ability to drag and drop images into your own order, as well other sort options for the album (sort by filename), including the ability to sort albums individually 


How to link an image to eBay:

  1. After creating your eBay auction template, copy the HTML code for the image, and paste that into the HTML box for the description area on eBay


  2. When you preview the auction, you will then see the images displayed in the description area of your auction

How to link an image to eBay using Drag and Drop Linking :

  1. Drag an image from your Photobucket account to your eBay description area. (This is easiest to do when you have each page open in a different window)


  2. You will then see the image displayed instantly in the description area on eBay




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