Password-Protected Albums

Making an Album Password protected gives you the ability to share your images and videos with friends and family, but keep out unwanted viewers. 

  1. Select the album you are looking to make password protected and click the edit button. The Album Settings box will open. 
  2. Under Privacy, select Password and a new section will appear where you can create passwords for your album.password_protected_1.png
  3. Click on Create Password and a new box will open to add the password title and the password. password_protected_2.png
  4. You can create multiple passwords if you are sharing the album with multiple viewers.
  5. After you have created your passwords you are able to view the password, copy the password to your clipboard, edit the password, or delete the password with the buttons on the right.


Private Albums with Public Sub-albums

If the main album is private or password-protected, and the sub-albums are public:
  • Neither the main album or sub-album will be seen on the list of albums by a guest.
  • The sub-albums can be accessed with a link to the sub-album, or with a link to the private main album (the main album will be private, but the sub-albums will still be visible to the guest).

Private Sub-Albums

If the sub-album is marked as private, guests will not be able to access the album from the main album. A separate link to the sub-album will need to be shared.

For more information on how to share your albums click here.
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