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Editing Images in Photobucket

Welcome to our improved and streamlined editing experience. No more head scratching - you'll be able to quickly and easily edit your photos like a pro! Whether you're trying to fine-tune your photo for your portfolio, or just have some laughs by adding stickers to photos of your friends (or dog), we've got the tools you need!


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One-Click Enhancements

Rotate, Resize, and Crop

Lighting, Color, and Contrast

Red Eye, Teeth Whiten, and Blemish

Draw, Add Text, and Color Splash


Let's get to it!



When you're ready to hop into editing, just click 'Edit' at the top of your screen. This will take you to a new page where you have the option to load a photo for editing using one of three methods:

  • Drag and Drop from your computer into the editor
  • Upload an image from your computer
  • Select an image from your Photobucket account



If you choose to select a photo from your Photobucket account a new window will pop open where you will be able to select an album from either your main library or a specific album.



Once you select the photo, our editor will load up with your photo. There are a number of options and icons you'll be presented with, but don't be scared! Our editor loves you, and wants you to love it, too. Here's what the screen's going to look like and what all that stuff means.



***Please note, while you can edit and save a .png file, you cannot save and replace a .png file.***


One-Click Enhancements

One click adjustments that help enhance your photos





Autocorrect your photo with one of five basic enhancements.




Choose from a variety of effects and filters for your photo. From classics like black and white or sepia, to vintage, toy camera, and lomographic effects, any one of these presets are sure to enhance your photo and blow away your friends!




Take your pick from a dozen different frames that will surround your photo.


Adjustments and Orientation

Rotate, resize, or crop an image to get it just right




This tool allows you to rotate and mirror (or flip) your photos. With the rotate function, you can rotate your photo clockwise or counterclockwise 90 degrees at a time. With the mirror function, you can flip your photo horizontally or vertically. Bummed out that the photographer snapped a photo of your left side rather than your right? Mirror it!




Bet you don’t know what this function does. Give up? It resizes your photo, sweet! By default, your width and height dimensions are locked together (if you adjust one, the other automatically adjusts to keep the same ratio). If you want to turn that off, just click the blue padlock icon. To adjust your dimensions, simply type in your desired dimension and click ‘Apply’, to the right. More info here.




Have an incredible photo with a not-so-incredible element in it? Crop it out! With the crop tool, you can select a custom area to crop by clicking and dragging the cropping guides, or you can select one of our preset aspect ratios for great looking crops! CROPS!


Color, Contrast, Blur, and Sharpen

Edits made on a slider to adjust sharpness, colors, and saturation



Quick Edits

We have the following tools that use a simple slider to make your editing adjustments:



Lighting – Choose to alter the Brightness, Contrast, Highlights or Shadows of your image


Color – Choose to alter the Saturation, Warmth, Tint and Fade of your image


SharpnessBlur or sharpen your image

Touch Ups

Get rid of red eyes, blemishes, and learn to whiten teeth



Red Eye


Got devil eyes? No problemo! Select a cursor size from the menu that would best fit the size of that cursed red eye you’re trying to correct. Now just click and drag within the area you’re trying to clean up. Magic – your devil eyes have been restored to that lovely gaze we all know you have!




Those pearly whites more of a pearly off-white? No worries, let’s get them blindingly white with our Whiten tool! Similar to the Red Eye or Blemish tools, pick a brush size, then click and drag over that area you’d like to whiten just a bit more! Who needs toothpaste when you’ve got this tool?




Ugh. It’s picture day, and your forehead has decided to birth a sizable pimple in the center of it! Be your own master and slay that blemish with this tool! Similar to Red Eye and Whiten, just select a brush size. Carefully click on the areas you’re looking to clear up and watch those blemishes fade away (you can do this multiple times to get your desired effect, just don’t go overboard or you’ll look like the sasquatch – blurry, that is). Also works for coffee, wine, or even those pesky grease stains!


Other Tools

Drawing, adding text, and color on black and white





Decided that you’d like to add a little something of your very own? The draw tool gives you a few options to do that! After you choose your color, go ahead and select the size of your brush. Now paint away! Need to do some fine tuning? Don’t be afraid of using that eraser to clean up marks you don’t want on your final masterpiece.




When you open the Text tool, a text box will pop up on your image. Type in your desired text. Now select your desired text color and font from above. Voila! You can also rotate and resize your text, as well as position it where you’d like. If you want to add another text box, just click “add text.”





Splash is an awesome tool to help highlight only certain colors in a photo, leaving the rest black and white. When you begin using the splash tool, you’ll notice that your photo desaturates into a basic black and white. You’ll notice a few options available to you:

Free – When you ‘paint’ using the free brush, you will restore all original colors within the areas you mouse over.

Smart – Unlike the free brush, the smart brush restores only certain colors within the areas you ‘paint’. Begin by placing the cursor over a color that you’d like to restore within the photo. Now click and hold the left mouse button and drag it over any areas with that color. This will restore only that color to your picture.

Eraser – You guessed it, this erases any colors you have restored.

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