Android Permissions Explained

Why does Photobucket require these permissions?

Your Location: Approximate (network based) location, precise location (GPS and network-based)Allows us to store information of where a photo was taken and to make the registration process a little easier.

Network communication: Full Network access/ View Network Communications - Allows your device to connect and communicate with Photobucket. Makes it possible to upload, view and download your content.

Storage: Modify or delete contents of your USB storage - Allows you save images and videos to your device.

Hardware controls: Take pictures and videos/Control Vibration - Allows you to take a picture with your native camera control buttons. Also, the editor makes use of vibration for some settings including brightness, contrast and saturation.

Your social information: Read your contacts - Used to enter shipping address information when making orders with the Photobucket Print Shop. 

Your accounts: Find accounts on device - Makes the registration process a little easier. 

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