Sharing an Album

Instead of sharing a single image, try sharing your whole album. Sharing is just as easy as sharing your images, and also shares all subalbums within that album.

Public Albums

Sharing your album is just like sharing your images. Up top, you have social sharing buttons, and links to the right.


Click here to learn how to share with social buttons up top. To the right, you see a few options:

  • Email & IM - Share this link with friends and they'll see the album that you see it
  • HTML Embed - Use this code to embed the album into your blog, etc., as a slideshow
  • Flash Embed - This code is used for Flash (uncommon)
  • Slideshow - Share this link with friends and they'll be taken to a slideshow of your album

Sharing a Private/Password Protected Album

For information on how to adjust your privacy settings, click here.

You cannot share a Private album. You can, however, share a password protected album. All the steps are the same as above. The only difference is that you should share the password with your intended recipient, otherwise they won't be able to access your album.


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