Upload Directly to Album

Quickly upload directly to your currently viewed album using drag-and-drop!

While logged into your Photobucket account, you can simply drag any images from your computer directly onto the album. When you are viewing an album, highlight images on your computer that you would like to upload to that album.


Now, click and drag those images onto your browser, viewing your Photobucket album. You should see the screen give you a prompt to "Drop Photos and Videos Here."


Once you release the mouse button, the photos you've dropped will immediately begin uploading to your currently viewed album. A progress bar will display at the bottom of the page.


While the images are uploading, you can continue to browse your different albums and photos without interrupting the upload! Once finished, your images will display at the bottom of the page. Your newly uploaded images will be placed in the album according to the selected sort order for that album.


If dragging and dropping isn't your thing, you can still quickly upload directly to the album by clicking the upload icon within your album. This will open a prompt for you to select which files you'd like to upload to that album.



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