Troubleshooting Video Upload issues on iPhone

We are working to resolve several video upload issues. Here are a few tips to give you the best chance at a successful video upload:

  • Make sure that you are connected to Wi-Fi or have a strong cellular signal before uploading
  • Make sure your video meets our requirements for file-size and file-type. For more information please click here
  • Keep the app open and your screen on(not locked) when uploading a large video file. Please know that this is a temporary restriction that we are working to address


We recently released an update that places a video icon over your videos so you can identify them more easily in your Camera Roll. If you haven't already, please update to our newest version.

Once you have uploaded a video, it may take a few minutes to process and this may give you the impression that the video did not upload. If you want to test this issue, create a new album and upload a video to it. There might be a grey box representing the upload, but it won't be playable immediately.

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