How to find your Photobucket username using Google

Having trouble finding your old username for account recovery? Try using Google!

Visit Google and search your suspected username + "Photobucket" or your first and last name + "Photobucket"

Check the standard search results and Google images. Once you find some of your images, click the image. This should take you to your photobucket profile. Now, look up at the address bar in your browser.


Your username will be right after "/user/", as pictured above. Submit that username when trying to recover your account.

You can also:

Check your email: Check your old e-mails for any mentions of Photobucket. Perhaps you sent an email to a friend that included a link to your account! 

Check your old social accounts, blogs and websites: Did you have an old Myspace account? Or did you link your images to your blog? These are also great places to look. If you find an image, it should link back to Photobucket, and you can find your username in the address bar (like above).


Please note, if your account has been inactive for more than two years, there is a chance that it has  been removed from our system

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