How to secure your eBay links

We all know security is important, especially on the internet. To meet the changing landscape and expectations of their users, eBay is introducing new requirements for sellers.

How is it changing?

Google Chrome is now starting to show a “not secure” message when users visit any non-secure (HTTP) web page or a web page containing non-secure content. Because of this, starting September 15th, eBay will block any non-secure embedded content in seller listings. This includes any images from your Photobucket account embedded in your eBay listing with HTTP markup.

What do you need to do?

While Photobucket is an https (secure) compliant host, by default, embed codes use standard HTTP. This means that you will likely need to update the Photobucket image code in your listings to ensure they meet these new requirements. Fortunately, this can be easily done using eBay’s bulk editing tool to make your listings https compliant.

Complete instructions, provided by eBay, can be found here:

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