Uploading Images

There are a number of ways you can upload images from your computer into your Photobucket account. You can select images from your computer to upload, drag and drop your images on the upload screen, or upload photos or videos via a URL.

Upload Button

Upload images via URL

Drag & Drop Directly to Albums

Upload Button

  • Once logged in to your account, click the Upload Images button at the top of the page. You will also find the Upload button under "Your Bucket."

  • Click Select Images to select images from your computer to upload. You can also drag and drop your images directly onto the upload page, or upload a photo from the web using a URL.

To upload your photos to a specific album, click Choose another album and select the album where you want the images uploaded. Click Choose again to save your selection.

Upload images via URL

To upload images via URL, paste the direct link for the image then click Add.

Drag & Drop Directly to Album

You can also drag & drop your images directly to the album you are uploading to.Go to your homepage view where your albums are located.

  • Open up the folder on your computer containing images you would like to upload.
  • Click the images within the folder, then drag and drop the image into the desired album once the cursor is hovering over the album.
  • Click ‘Upload to Album




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