Downloading Images & Videos

To download an image or video from an album: 

  • Click on an image or video to select it.

    • You can also use Shift-Click to select consecutive images. This selects the first image, the last image, and all the images in between. To do this, click on the first image you want to select to highlight it, then scroll to the last image in the album, hold down the "Shift" key and click the image.

  • Click the Download icon on the toolbar to download it to your computer.

  • To download multiple images or videos from your album, simply click on each one to select it.
  • Click the Download icon to download the selected images and videos. A .zip file of your selected content will be downloaded to your computer.



To unzip the downloaded file on Windows,

  1. Right-click on the downloaded .zip folder, then click Extract All.
  2. Click Browse to select a folder on your computer where you want the album extracted. If you prefer to keep it in the same folder, you can skip this step.
  3. Click Extract.

To open a .zip file on a Mac, double-click the file. The unzipped folder will be added next to the .zip file.


To download an image or video from the media details page:

While viewing the image or video, click the Download icon to download it to your computer.




If you need to download your albums, you can read more on how to do this by clicking here.

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