How Do I Share My Images

Photobucket provides you with a quick and easy way to share your images.

Sharing an Image from an Album

  1. Click on the image that you want to share, then click on the Share icon in the toolbar.
  2. From here, you will find the image link codes you can use to share your image. You will also find options to share your image on different social media sites or share them via email.
    • For hosting links, click Embed, to see the different hosting links.
  3. To copy your image link code, click Copy. 



Sharing an Image from the Media Details Page

  1. From your album, double-click on the image to view it on the media details page.
  2. Click on the Share icon to access your image link codes. 



You can also share multiple images at the same time, as well as share your albums. 

To learn more about sharing multiple images at once, click here

To learn more about sharing your albums, click here


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