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Editing Images in Photobucket

Welcome to our new photo editor! Below we’ll outline some of the features found within the new tool.


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Confirming, Undoing, and Saving

Rotate, Resize, and Crop

One-Touch Adjustments


Focus, Brush, Add Text, and Others


Let's get to it!



To start click to select the photo you want to edit and then click the image editor button on the top toolbar.



Confirming, Undoing, and Saving

For when you are unhappy and happy with changes that you've made



Confirming your edits

Happy with the changes you've done but still need to make more? Click on the arrow in the lower left corner of the editing window to go back to the main page of the editor.


Undoing edits

Make a change that you are not happy with? Simply click the undo button to revert the changes back.



To save your image once you have finished editing it, click the export button and the edited image will be saved in your default library.



Adjustments and Orientation

Rotate, resize, or crop an image to get it just right


If you are looking to adjust your image size, crop your image, or even rotate the image, simply click on the transform button.



The buttons directly above your image will let you mirror the image either vertically or horizontally and rotate your image 90º both clockwise and counter-clockwise. You can also use the rotation bar under the image to rotate the image at a maximum of 45º intervals.

Editor-4.png Cropping 

With the crop tool, you can select a custom area to crop by clicking and dragging the cropping arrows in the bottom right or top left of the image, or you can select one of our preset aspect ratios for great looking crops. The final size of the cropped area will be shown in the center of the image.


One-Touch Adjustments

Edits made on a slider to adjust sharpness, colors, and saturation



We have the following tools under the adjust option that use a simple slider to make your changes smoother:


Brightness - adjust the overall lightness or darkness of your image.

Saturation - adjust the intensity of the color in your image.

Contrast - adjust the the blacks and the whites of your image. High contrast means the blacks are really dark and the whites are really bright. While a low contrast will make your image look like it has a gray wash to it.

Gamma - adjust the overall brightness of an image. Use this feature to help make sure your images don’t look too bleached out or too dark

Clarity - adjust the sharpness of your image

Exposure - adjust the amount of light that affects your image

Shadows - adjust the details of the darker areas of your image

Highlights - adjust the details of the brightest areas of your image



Give your photos a little extra life



Choose from a variety of filters for your photo. From classics like black and white, retro, or analog, any one of these presets are sure to enhance your photo in new and dynamic ways. You can scroll through all of the filters using the scroll bar at the bottom or select a category by clicking the button in the lower left to filter through the types of filters.


The Intensity bar will let you control how much the filter effects your photo.


Other Tools

Drawing, adding text, and color on black and white




Use this to keep one area of your photo clear, while blurring the rest of the photo to help your image pop more. Use the slider to adjust the focus and blur.



Decided that you’d like to add a little something of your very own? The brush tool gives you a few options to do that! After you choose your color, go ahead and select the size of your brush. Now paint away!



When you open the Text tool, a text box will pop up on your image. Double click on the text box to type in your desired text. Now select your desired text color and font from below. You can also rotate and resize your text, as well as position it where you’d like. You can even adjust the opacity of your font or the background of the text box.



Use the stickers feature to add a some stickers onto your image to add a little character. After selecting the sticker you’d like you use you can mirror it horizontally or vertically or even click and hold to resize and rotate the image. Not happy with how it looks? Just click on the trash can icon to remove the sticker.



Take your pick from a selection of different frames that will surround your photo.



The image editor is supported by the following browsers

  • Internet Explorer 11+
  • Firefox 15+
  • Chrome 11+
  • Safari 5.1+
  • Opera 19+
  • iOS Safari 8+
  • Firefox for Android 45+
  • Android Browser 47+
  • Opera Mobile 36+
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