To help you better navigate the Photobucket website, here is a quick Overview of the site layout. 



Upload Photo - Add photos to your library. You can learn more about uploading by clicking here.

My Library - Your homepage when logged into your account. This is also the default location of your uploaded images

Albums - All of your albums are listed here. If you have sub-albums you'll be able to view them by clicking the arrow next to the album name.

Add Album - Create a new album. You can learn more about creating albums and sub-albums by clicking here.

Share - This is where you'll find ways to share and link your images. You can learn more about these options by clicking here.

Sort - Organize your images and the order they'll appear in your albums.

user.png Settings - Click this to see your current storage used, change your accounts plan, access your user settings and log out of your account.

editor.png Editor - This button will give you access to the image editor. You can find an outline of the features the editor offers by clicking here.

edit.png Edit - This option allows you to rename your album or images. You can also update the privacy settings of your individual albums here. You can learn more about the privacy settings by clicking here.

move.png Move to Album - Move selected images you've uploaded between your albums. You can learn more about this by clicking here.

download.png Download - Use this to download your albums or images. Click here for more information on album downloading and here for more information on image downloading.

delete.png Delete - Delete your albums or images. You can learn more about this feature by clicking here.

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