Difference Between Storage & Hosting Bandwidth

Your storage is related to how many images/videos you are storing in your Photobucket account.

Your hosting bandwidth is measured by how many times someone has viewed the image you posted from your Photobucket account. The size of the image will increase the amount of bandwidth you are using.

Even if your album where the image is stored is set to Private, if you are posting or embedding an image directly from that album, you are still using bandwidth. 

Your hosting bandwidth is calculated over a rolling 30 day period. If you've recently stopped sharing your photos or deleted them from your account, it may take up to 30 days for your bandwidth usage to reset. You can always check your bandwidth usage by clicking on the Profile icon in your account.

Examples of bandwidth usage:

  • Let’s say you have 25 photos that are 1MB in size each, and you are linking every single one of them out to your blog. 25 images at 1MB in size means that you are linking out 25 MBs in bandwidth for all those images. If your images are being viewed a lot, then your bandwidth usage increases.
  • If you are only sharing one image that is 1MB in size, this image will need to be viewed 25 times to reach the 25 MB limit.

*Direct views of your images on the Photobucket site does not use any bandwidth. 

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