How Do I Share My Albums

Sharing an Album

  1. On the My Bucket page, click on the album that you want to share then click the Share button in the toolbar. You will see the options available to share the album via Link codes, Email, and Social media buttons.
  2. Select the share option that you prefer then click the copy icon to copy your link codes.



You can also share your images individually or share multiple images at the same time. 

To learn more about sharing your images, click here.

To learn more about sharing multiple images, click here


Sharing Password-Protected Albums (Paid Subscribers Only)

If you have a Beginner plan subscription, you can share your password-protected albums via Email only.
If you have an Intermediate plan or an Expert plan subscription, you have the option to share your album via Direct Link, Embed Link, and Email. 

How to View or Copy your Password

After sharing the link to the password-protected album, you'll need to provide your guest with the password for the album. If you're sharing the album via Email, you can add the password as an optional message on the email form.
If you have forgotten the password, you can easily view and copy the current password or edit the password from your Album settings page.
  1. Click the album to select it then click the Album Details icon from the top toolbar to open the Album settings menu.
  2. To view your password, click the "eye" icon.
  3. To copy your password, click the "copy" icon (second option from the left) for the password you are sharing, then share it with your guest.


To learn more about password-protected albums, click here

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