How Do I Move My Albums

Organizing your albums is easy! You can easily move an album to another album to make it a sub-album. There are two ways to accomplish this. One is through the drag and drop method and the other is by using the Move to album icon.

*Once you moved an album to another album, the album that you moved will become a sub-album. You cannot undo this and make it a main album again.


Drag and Drop

From the My Bucket album, click and hold the album or albums you wish to move. Drag them to your selected album from the Album list on the left side of the page and release the mouse to drop the album in the new location. You will see the album you moved will now be a sub-album within the selected album.


You can also drag and drop an album to one of the albums on the main page or drag and drop your albums on the Albums list.

Move to album icon

You can also move your album using the Move to album icon. Click on the album(s) to select it and then click on the Move to album icon in the toolbar. After you do this, a list of all of your albums will appear on the right side of your screen. Choose one of these albums to store the selected album as a sub-album or you can also move it to a new album by clicking Create album.




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