Photobucket for Android Overview

Welcome to the new Photobucket app for Android! Please make sure you have updated to the current version of the app.



Once you log in, you’ll be viewing the main folder within your account. This folder is known as My Bucket. The images that are displayed under your Bucket are the images you’ve uploaded to this folder. To locate your albums, all you need to do is tap Sub-Albums and your other albums will be displayed.

By default, your images are displayed as large thumbnails. This is known as list view. If you prefer to see your images as smaller thumbnails, you can tap the three horizontal lines towards the top-right corner of your screen to switch to grid view. You can also toggle between list or grid view when viewing your albums.

Your images are displayed based on when your photos were taken, with the newest photos at the top of the screen. However, your sort order may change if you switch how your images are sorted on the website. The app will then follow the sort order you’ve set for the specific album on the site.




On the top left corner, tap on the three horizontal lines to bring up your settings.

If you tap on My Account, you can update your account settings. You can also see how much hosting bandwidth, images, and storage you have used. 

You can update your email address and password and easily contact the Support team if you need assistance.


Sharing and Hosting

Quickly share or host your favorite photos or albums from your device! You can use the provided links to post your images anywhere or easily share images with your contacts. Click here for more details about this feature. 


Image Editing

Editing your photos on the mobile app is quick and easy! You can choose from a variety of our editing tools to change the appearance of your photos. Check out this guide on all the features our Image editor offers.

*Image editor available only with a Photobucket subscription plan.


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