How to Clear Cache on Android

If you're having performance issues with your Photobucket app and you already have updated to the latest version, clearing the app cache may help solve these issues.

Follow the steps below to clear the cached data on your Photobucket app. These steps will show you how to clear the app cache on Android version 10. Your device may look a bit different from the screenshots below.

  1. Go to your Phone’s Settings page.
  2. Scroll down and Choose AppsScreenshot_20210128-114639_Settings.jpg
  3. Scroll through your apps, and find the Photobucket App iconScreenshot_20210128-123213_Settings__1_.jpg
  4. Once Photobucket settings is open, click on Storage.Screenshot_20210128-114715_Settings.jpg
  5. Click to clear cache at the bottom right of the page.Screenshot_20210128-114812_Settings.jpg


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