What does Album Previews mean?

Your My Bucket page is your default view when you log in to your account. This is also your default album when you do not select an album when uploading images. At the top of this page, you will see a preview of your albums.


Album Previews

When the Album Previews box is checked on your My Bucket page, it will show a preview of your albums along with a preview of images within those albums. These albums will appear above the images you have uploaded to this album.
To view all the images from all your albums in your account, simply uncheck the Album Previews box and you can scroll through all of your images in one view. To return to the default view, click the Album Previews box.



Sub-Album Previews

While viewing an album that contains sub-albums, you’ll also be able to see a preview of your sub-albums at the top of the page. This works the same as the Album Previews button found in your My Bucket album. When checked, you will see a preview of your sub-albums and the images within those albums. When unchecked, it will display all images within the album and its sub-albums.



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