Supported Browsers

Photobucket is supported on the browsers listed below. Photobucket develops for and tests with the following supported browsers:

  • Chrome (Minimal Supported Version: 50) 
  • Firefox (Minimal Supported Version: 52)
  • Safari (Minimal Supported Version: 10) 
  • Microsoft Edge (Minimal Supported Version: 14)
  • Opera (Minimal Supported Version: 37)

Unfortunately, the new Photobucket site is not supported on Internet Explorer. Please use the browsers listed above to access the new site.


How to determine your browser version and check for updates

Click the Help link in your browser’s menu. There should be an "About" option in the list of choices. Click "About" to view your browser’s version or release string. If there’s an update available, your browser will update automatically.



The features and functionality of the Photobucket website may work with other browsers, but Photobucket cannot guarantee compatibility. The support provided for those browsers may also be limited.

Photobucket only supports generally available (GA) releases. Beta versions are not supported. Make sure you install the latest updates available for your browser to ensure that you have the best experience possible while using your Photobucket account. 

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