Using Photos Found on Photobucket

Sadly, we are not in a position to grant you permission to use a photo or video you found on Photobucket for any outside purpose, commercial, or otherwise.

Photobucket is a UGC (user generated content) site.  Our registered members are responsible for the content they upload, not Photobucket. Members who post images represent that they own the images they post.  Members grant Photobucket a limited license to display the content at, but retain the copyrights in the files they upload.  Photobucket is not in a position to grant a license to use any of the works that appear on the site. That right remains with the copyright holder.

To recap, Photobucket does not own the copyrights to any files that appear on the site. Though we have certain licensed rights, we cannot grant a sublicense or give you permission to use an image.

Also, we can't put you in touch with the owner of a file. Our members expect a certain level of privacy, and there is nothing in our terms of use authorizing us to distribute contact information to other members.

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