Abuse & Account Security

Photobucket's Terms of Use are always available on the site and can be found by clicking hereBelow are some of the common Abuse and Security scenarios. 


My account was banned

The Photobucket Terms of Use apply to all accounts. Any media that violates the Terms of Use will be removed, and the offending account may be terminated without warning and without any chance of recovering any media in that account. After Photobucket bans an account, it is terminated, and all access to the content is gone.

For more information on the banned status of your account, contact  


Someone is using an image that I own without my permission

Please visit our ‘How to report Copyright/Trademark Infringement’ article HERE.


I found some bad content that violates Photobucket's Terms of Use.


I found an image of myself or a family member that is posted without permission.

You can report this image by following the steps below. A member of our team will review the reported image.

  • Locate the image you are trying to report on Place your mouse cursor/pointer over the thumbnail of the image. The Flag button will pop-up over the top left corner of the image.



  • Click on Flag and complete the pop-up report.  Please supply a brief comment as to why you are reporting the image. Click the Submit Form to submit your report.


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