Privacy Settings Explained

Your privacy is important to us. That's why we feel that it's important for you to know the different privacy settings you have available for you within your Photobucket account.

  • Private Albums

This is the default setting when you create a new album.

When an album is private:

      • Photos and videos in the album do not display on Photobucket search results.
      • Guests will not see private albums while viewing public albums in your account.
      • You cannot share a private album, however, you can share a direct link to view a photo from your private album.
  • Public Albums

When an album is public:

      • Guests to your account will be able to view all public albums.
      • Photos and videos that have tags, titles, or descriptions will display on Photobucket search results when someone searches for the terms in the tags, titles, or descriptions.
      • Photos in the album may appear in search engines like Google or Bing.
  • Password-Protected Albums (*available to paid subscribers only)

When an album is password protected:

      • Guests will need to enter a password in order to view the album.
      • Content will not display in search results.
      • Guests to your album can copy and share the direct links to the photos in the album. This cannot be disabled so only share with people that you trust.
      • Guests can also see other public albums in your account.

For more information on how to set your album to password-protected, please click here.

*If your account is Free, you will continue to have access to any password-protected albums you currently have. However, you cannot create a new album that is password-protected or change any existing album to password protected.

Important! Content in private & password protected albums is still subject to our Terms of Use and may be moderated at any time by Photobucket.


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